BrittanyBrodeckyWelcome to the Kappa Alpha Theta recruitment page!

Prepare to open a new and amazing chapter of your life as a potential new member of a sorority! Recruitment is an exciting time to get to know girls who could potentially be your sorority sisters and friends for the rest of your life – how crazy! As my college years have flown by, it almost seems impossible to imagine being that nervous, antsy and excitable girl, looking in from the outside. Looking back, it is easy to see that many of the other girls were just as nervous as I was! While other girls found their place amongst different houses in the Greek community; I was fortunate enough to find my niche at Kappa Alpha Theta. I met friends that had many attributes in common with me in the realms of scholarship, leadership, helping out in the community, and creating an unbreakable, life-long bond. The beauty of Kappa Alpha Theta is that it has not only allowed me to be myself, but it truly has given me the opportunity to better myself and find success through all of my college endeavors. The women I have surrounded myself with in Kappa Alpha Theta and in the Greek community have inspired me to reach my full potential and have taught me the importance of true friendship and Greek leadership.

Recruitment can be an emotional week for many girls, wondering where they belong or how they fit into the big puzzle of the Greek community. However, I promise you that each Greek sorority has something unique to offer to each girl, whether it is an instantaneous spark of belonging or even just a sisterhood that can be seen with no words. Kappa Alpha Theta has truly become my home. It’s a place where I can be surrounded with friends studying all hours of the night, a place where I can laugh so hard I cry, and a place where I can truly say that I am at my best, when I am with these women.

I cannot wait to get to meet you during recruitment week in August! Get ready to have fun, enjoy yourself, and get to know the women of Kappa Alpha Theta!

-Brittany Brodecky

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More about Recruitment

Recruitment is the term used to describe the process of gaining membership into a Greek organization here at the University of Nebraska. It is a mutual selection process where a potential new member (student) has the opportunity to meet with chapter members, ask a variety of questions, and tour the chapter houses.

Formal Recruitment is a four-day process and prospective members are required to participate in all scheduled events. Sorority Recruitment takes place the week prior to the first week of classes. As Recruitment continues individual sororities invite prospective members based on criteria specific to each chapter. The number of sessions prospective members attend is reduced daily, with potential new members spending more time at those sororities in which there is a mutual interest. With fourteen sororities at the University of Nebraska, you will be able to find a group of women with whom you identify.

Every attempt is made to help each woman have a positive experience. During Recruitment week, each potential new member will have a Recruitment Counselor to answer questions about Recruitment, sorority experiences, and college life in general. Recruitment Counselors are members of sorority chapters and ambassadors for the Greek System as a whole who have chosen to assist potential new members during this exciting time.

Questions about recruitment? Contact:

– Where can PNM’s apply for formal recruitment Https://

Chief Recruitment Officer: Brittany Brodecky. [email protected]

Recruitment Director: Molly Hughes. [email protected]

President: Erica Trautman. [email protected]

As for Continuous Open Bidding, we will not be participating in it for the school year of 2015-2016.