Being a Theta means constantly being surrounded by intelligent, crazy, hilarious, courageous, and inspiring women.

To strengthen and keep our strong bonds as sisters, our sisterhood chair plans several events throughout the year to bring everyone together. Because sisterhood is such a big part of our sorority, we try to incorporate as many activities as our busy schedules will allow. From Easter egg hunts at our annual “Seaster” event, crying and laughing for hours at a Fireside chat, ice skating circles around Lincoln’s Railyard, or getting spoiled for an entire week by your Big, these events have proven to strengthen our relationships with one another.

Aside from these planned events, there are countless opportunities to contribute to our lifelong friendships each and every day. As imagined, living in a house with about 70 other roommates means there is always someone to study with, watch an excessive amount of Netflix with, go on late night food runs with, or even just sit and talk for hours with. You can name any activity and you would never have to do it alone. We feel extremely blessed to live in such a welcoming and comfortable home away from home!